The Joy Ski & Snowboard School Starts This Saturday!

UPDATE: Mount Joy’s Ski and Snowboard School starts this Saturday (insert snow happy dance!). All ski and snowboard school groups (for all age levels) will start this Saturday, January 3rd from 10 a.m. to 12 noon (Mountain Standard time) at Mount Joy Snow Resort. (For those who do not have equipment, please be at the hill at 9:30 a.m. Mountain Standard time so we can get you geared up ahead of time).

This first session is orientation (which is good so we can be inside for abit – the weather forecast says it will be abit chilly). We will go over some basic things before we start. For your next session, we will split out into your individual groups at your set designated times. We look forward to meeting all of the participants in The Joy Ski and Snowboard school this Saturday!

Please note: Mount Joy Snow Resort will only be open for The Joy Ski and Snowboard School this weekend, due to weather and snow forecasts. It is forecasted to be quite chilly this weekend (highs in the -20s). However, we are excited we can open for The Joy Ski and Snowboard School, where a good portion will be held inside and potentially at the far bottom of the hill, due to weather conditions.

For those within private group or individual lessons, we will meet at your scheduled dates and times. This initial session is for The Joy Ski and Snowboard School.